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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy



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Deep Healing Via The Subconscious Mind.

Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy approaches therapy from a deeply caring and dynamically healing perspective. Our highly trained therapists and practitioners embrace the concepts of self-determination and the belief that every client contains, deeply within their own subconscious mind, the key to their own individual health and healing.  

The subconscious mind contains 90 percent of the mind and within that 90 percent is the deeply held key that unlocks the client’s individual inner guidance. It is through learning how to access the deeply personal guidance held within each human being, at the subconscious level, that Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy excels. Our therapists allow the client’s subconscious mind to determine where the deepest healing needs to take place. We proceed slowly and to listen carefully to the revelations of the deeper mind, body, and spirit of our clients. 

Recommended for depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic health issues, relationship issues. Couples’ sessions are also available. 

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