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Sarah G.

I’ve been fortunate to visit the Carlisle Bowen Team in Mechanicsburg, PA on several occasions.  Their office is inviting and the team is supportive.

After my first Bowen therapy session with Andy, I was in the best ever state of relaxation. Andy was attentive, punctual, respectful, and well if you meet him, you’ll understand immediately the level of ease and care he provides 🙂

I’m looking forward to future sessions with him and the other practitioners!

Carolyn S.

Jenn gave me a Bowenwork treatment yesterday and I can tell it has already helped me greatly!  I recommend Bowenwork to anyone who is having a lot of pain in various parts of their body.  I am truly amazed at what she has done for me!


I can't get enough of this place! It has been transformational for my body, spirit and mind.  Most recently I received 3 Reiki Mobilization sessions with Rachel and couldn't be happier with the results.  Each session has been unique in the way it pin points the areas needing the most focus and attention during that session.  I can feel the energy flow working inside the areas, clearing blockages whether it's physical or emotional.  I leave totally rejuvenated, feeling both energized and relaxed.

Daniel A.

I experienced significant thigh pain for months after going through hip replacement surgery. My surgeon and general practitioner had said I was a slow healer. I tried PT, aqua therapy, chiropractic therapy, and the gym… nothing worked permanently. A friend of mine recommended Bowenworks , and they were able to provide me with relief from this horrible pain in less than an hour.

Linda G.

I fell and hurt my left leg. I was having a lot of pain weight bearing plus getting shooting pain in my knee. I have had three visits with Nancy for this problem and each time I notice significant improvements. I am on the mend! I highly recommend her work.

I had another session with her today because I was completely out of alignment. I feel so much more balanced and in alignment.

Jordan M.

Just finished a 1 hour Bowen Works session with Betsy Payne. What a great session! I am new to this technique, but am very familiar with massage. I made a reservation since I was a guest at the adjoining Lotus House BnB. Betsy was professional, explained the process before and after, and was very thorough with her care! I could tell a difference before even leaving the room. Fantastic!
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