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End-of-Life Care

$150, $200

90-, 120-Minute

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Being There For You.

Navigating conversations about the end of life can be intricate and challenging, especially when discussing it with loved ones. Having a trusted guide to accompany you on this journey can make all the difference. 

Choose from 2 options: 

  •  Consult only 

  • Consult with loved one’s meeting 

In our consult, we discuss your advance directive, determine who your health care proxy(s) will be, and a Living Well end-of-life plan in easy-to-understand language. Our time together is not only focused on providing compassionate care but also ensuring you receive these crucial documents*. 

When discussing this complex topic with loved ones, having support is invaluable. Opt for the "Consult with Loved Ones Meeting," and we will convene with your healthcare proxy(s) and key loved ones to articulate your wishes. This inclusive approach ensures everyone leaves the meeting feeling heard, supported, and cared for. 

Why do we need an end-of-life care consultant? 

The significance of a care consultant lies in the essential need for advocates who can facilitate informed, thoughtful decisions regarding future treatment options. Many individuals find themselves grappling with the complexities of medical jargon, forms, and choices, making end-of-life planning an overwhelming task. Death Doulas exists to alleviate this burden, striving to simplify the process. A paramount principle guiding our assistance is unwavering commitment to safety—while we may face challenges, ensuring the safety of our clients is non-negotiable, and we go above and beyond to fulfill all other aspects of your end-of-life plans. 

*Documents delivered via email within 3 business days 

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